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Your Ultimate Care

Platform Checklist

✔ Interactive & fun for Care Recipients

✔ Driven by powerful A.I. engines

✔ Gives you a competitive edge

✔ Mobile & cloud first

✔ Easy to use & visually beautiful

✔ Engaging with all care stakeholders

✔ Everything you need in one place

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Technology that Care Teams Love


After years of broken, fragmented and clunky care systems, CareVision brings you a single, easy to use,
all in one solution that does everything a care organisation needs plus more! Some of our core features that
care teams across the county love are....



Care & Service Plan Management

Build and maintain individual care and service plans for your clients, with built in version control, change tracking and the ability to review archived plans. Set recurring scheduled services, associate health conditions and goals to service items along with tailored reporting.

Smart Care Scheduling

An easy to use, highly visual interface for scheduling all required services, and extra service bookings. Recommended Carers for each booking makes it easy to build a schedule. Carers are recommended based on skills and qualifications, prior work history with a client, client ratings of their services,  location and availability on the day and time in question. Travel Time is automatically calculated while you plan ensuring effective time management.

Live Status Updates

With every carer site check in, check out and report completion, stay up to date with how the day is tracking. See who is ahead or behind schedule and make sure your teams are supported in the field. With an emergency panic button on the mobile application, field staff can contact base faster, and feel safer. 


Client Record Management

Client profiles are straight forward, informative and robust. See clients interests, social groups, through to complex care reports all from one view. Making sure you have the whole picture when making decisions and planning.




Everyone within your organisation can more effectively communicate with one another, to get things done. With a communication channel on your Clients TV, and their families mobiles you can more effectively communicate with all stakeholders. 

Robust Reporting Engine

Create your own custom reports and make sure the right report is completed for every client site visit. In the spirit of transparency every field on your report can be shared with the family and friends, helping keep them up to date and informed.

Team & Contractor Management

Manage both team members and external contractors from one place. Issue job offers to external contractors and make communications, skills and qualifications, and compliance management for teams and contractors seamless. 

A Platform that allows you to

Engage with care recipients, families and friends ...

… for better health outcomes, improved wellbeing, and streamlined operations. The CareVision Television is the ultimate in home aid to support your clients during the hours of the day where you cannot be there in person, and keeps your clients connected to the people that matter most, their family, friends and carers. 


The  CareVision TV
A Unique Customer Experience

Turn the CareVision TV On, sit back and find out whats on today, view your unread messages and videos from family and friends, get important care community updates, and participate in important activities for improved well-being.  

The CareVision TV is designed around the needs and preferences of older people, on a technology platform older people already love and engage with on a daily basis. With every CareVision TV  customisable  to the individuals preferences, it is the one platform that can help support, engage and entertain people of all abilities, and stages of aging

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Personalised Reminders & Alerts

Make sure your care recipients keep up to date with their daily living activities and medication with daily reminders with video instructions, rewarding residents for task completion.

A Unique Start Up Process

Using the CareVision TV is as simple as turning the TV On, sitting back and relaxing. Our proprietary TV launch sequence orientates the person with time and place, what is on today, recent news from their family and friends, maybe a game or trivia question. All without touching the remote again.


Health & Wellbeing Promotion

More than just reminders and alerts, the CareVision TV helps people stay ahead of the simple things, like food prep, water consumption, and activity.

Cognitive Training Games

The CareVision community trivia, memory games and activities help residents stay sharp while living at home. Daily game or challenge can be set to improve participation.

reConnecting the Family

CareVision helps families connect with their loved ones scattered around the world, or just down the road. Prompts for the family to send video messages, and share moments from their daily lives help prevent your client suffering from social isolation.

Request More Support Services

CareVision allows you to list your extra services for care recipients and their families to easily book or request from the TV or Mobile applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of Care Operator benefits most

from the CareVision Platform? 


We designed CareVision specifically around the needs of home care operators, specialising in Aged Care and Disability sector and are committed to making CareVision the best platform for these sectors. However, the CareVision TV and Entertainment Solution is perfect for facilities and helping people transition to your village.

What integrations are available, proven
and tested in market? 

We have integrated with the largest Financial and Billing platforms for the Home Care & NFP sector. We have robust API documentation if you want to integrate to something else yourself, or just ask us and our integrations team can help. Ask us for a product roadmap to find out what other integrations are on the horizon.

Where is the Data? Does it comply with our Local Health Data Laws?

Is it safe? 

All data is stored in the country of your location to local health data standards around privacy and security. If you are an Australian provider your organisations data is stored with 99.999999999% of durability, and 99% availability, in Australia. Basically, we have you covered.

Can our organisation use the CareVision Television for resident entertainment, engagement and activities without using the whole CareVision Platform? 

Absolutely! With the CareVision Entertainment & Engagement package your organisation gets access to the CareVision Television, all the communications, social group, food and service menu management, family engagement and nurturing and more. Ask us for a Entertainment & Engagement brochure today.

What if some residents or clients don't want

the CareVision TV

We have found that everyone that has been given a CareVision TV loves it and gets benefit from it. There have been cases where family thought that their loved one would never like or understand the CareVision TV, only to be shocked by the enthusiasm by which it is adopted. If they really don't want the TV, there are Tablet and Mobile options available.


If there is a feature we need as an organisation,

can you implement it for us? 

We will do our absolute best! In 90% of cases we will work with you to implement the functionality or something close to it on our core platform. If you ask for something that is highly bespoke or unusual for the care industry we may not be able to include it in the core platform, and will explore the best solution with you.


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